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About Sujit Saha

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Nurturing the talent ...

He his thankful to his father, the renowned vocalist Sangeetacharya Late Gouranga Saha who had encourage his passion for rhythm. Sujit Saha was fortunate enough by virtue of his father's recomendation for possessing the tutelage under the guidance of legendary maestros like Late Ustad Keramutullah Khan and Padmabhusan Late Pandit Jnan Prakash Ghosh whose blessings in form of the taalim enabled him to carve a niche for himself in the world of Indian Classical Music.

Guru & Gharana

Basically Sujit Saha grommed up from "Farukabad Gharana" But he loves to play the Compositions of other Gharanas. He is a disciple of  Late Ustd. Keramatullah Khan & Padmabibhushan Late  Pandit Jnan Prokash Ghosh.

The Music

Sujit Saha tryst with Tabla has now seen years of hard work, struggle and glory, but the rhythms of his childhood  kept haunting him, he knew some day he has to do some thing that would realize a fraction of his childhood dreams, inspired as he always been, he composed Taal Bichitra, a composition from the roots of Indian rhythm, he tried to use all the age old traditional percussions that are now a part of our history, our present, the legends, our devotions and almost everything we are. He has used Pakhawaj, Dholok, Bangla Dhol and Srikhol with household instruments that are used mainly in religious offerings like Kansor, Ghanta and Sankha, and traditional and tribal percussions like Madal, Dafli, Khanjira. He also used Western Aquastic Drums for the blending with these all instruments. To maintain the purity of my music he has used drum for the blending with these all instruments based on his composition purely on the  Indian Taals.

Sujit Saha was an artist of “Children Programme” of All India Radio.  He is a Top Grade Artist of  All India Radio and Doordarshan.

There are around 25 young talents who participate in the orchestra "Taal Bichitra". To give his orchestra "Taal Bichitra" a touch of completeness he blended his percussions with vocals, the voice bring in a dash of sweetness and melody to the rhythmic nature of his composition. These voices are rendered by five young girls trained in Indian Classical Music.

Global Invitations

Pandit Sujit Saha  Invited to USA several times and also to different cities of United States, Germany, Hoolland, UK and Switzerland, where he won greate accolades as a performer. He was also invited to the "India Festival" in Switzerland, and was a member of the Indian Delegation to Canada representating the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.